Washington DC

 Blue and water make me wonder  When seasons die, six feet under  I love this place in the winterLet the blue sky last foreverI run away between the treesI breathe the air of winter seasWitness power from afar I can hear the Congress war These white stones so impressiveWhile I stand inexpressive

Paris my dear

My Mother Land do you miss me? Sometimes I feel you don’t need me  I keep these smells in memory, the taste of cakes in bain-marie Delicate pose and glass of wine, delicate meal, so near divine Smoking there is not a trend, simply an act that we command This devotion in people’s vein, for … Continue reading Paris my dear

Borneo – What you need to Borne – know

Where is Borneo ? It was my first question when my boyfriend at the time suggested the trip. With a very critical sense of direction, I figured it was somewhere in Asia, no detail added. Well Borneo is this giant, beautiful island in South East Asia shared between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, place that I … Continue reading Borneo – What you need to Borne – know