In the clouds

You’re in my head with your blues eyes Please fill the whole inside my heart Your presence I can’t replace I feel this weight inside my chest Miss your guidance and your wise words I miss your laugh and all your hugs  Cause when your love is no longer I feel lost and inquire There’s … Continue reading In the clouds

Joy and smiles

You make me laugh, you make me blush, you’re much more than just a crush. I can be yours if you wish to, can’t stay away if you ask to. My love for you is how I pray. My time with you is why I stay. You’ve healed me with your touch, reassured me as … Continue reading Joy and smiles

Borneo – What you need to Borne – know

Where is Borneo ? It was my first question when my boyfriend at the time suggested the trip. With a very critical sense of direction, I figured it was somewhere in Asia, no detail added. Well Borneo is this giant, beautiful island in South East Asia shared between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, place that I … Continue reading Borneo – What you need to Borne – know