Coronavirus 1

Hello dear friend, how have you been? Locked far away, can’t touch your skin Simple pleasures they disappear Isolation in our own sphere Bizarre, scary these modern times With a virus committing crimes It moves around without borders Commute places, lead disorder Can’t shake your hand it’s forbidden As your symptoms might be hidden Time … Continue reading Coronavirus 1

Man’s world

This is a man’s world Where I live and grow each day  This a man’s world Through which I try to make my way This is a man’s world Where I’m building my destiny And in this man’s world I will prove you I’m worthy I should not compete, should not try To put them down, they’re our … Continue reading Man’s world

The priest who hides

I hear the whisper of your lies, Dark melody of summer fliesNo boundaries for the divineCatch the echo of the church’s chime While the boy cries on the benchHopelessly dreaming for revengeGlaring the cross on the alterCould not say no to you Father  Powerlessly seeking some helpVulnerable, fearing a skelpDeserving it, he misbehavedYou stole his youth … Continue reading The priest who hides