Coronavirus 1

Hello dear friend, how have you been?
Locked far away, can’t touch your skin
Simple pleasures they disappear
Isolation in our own sphere
Bizarre, scary these modern times
With a virus committing crimes
It moves around without borders
Commute places, lead disorder
Can’t shake your hand it’s forbidden
As your symptoms might be hidden
Time to reflect, back to our roots
Bin our high heels and drop the suits
At home confined, it’s no leisure
Indoor we stay, safer measure
Lonely we feel without our friends
When days begin, we crave the ends 
Selfishly crying for freedom
No one has yet died of boredom
Filling our lungs just when we can
While others pray for a new plan
When deserting the city’s streets
We leave behind those who can’t eat 
And then we rush for provisions
Buying, piling our new mission
Can some afford more than just rice?
Deprived of food but at what price? 
And in this War of a new shape
We have nowhere else to escape
Leaving the cars in the alley,
Planes grounded now, none to carry
Among the deaths and the sickness
Our planet finally got some rest.

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