Modern times

Swiping away behind a screen  
Using my phone just to blend in
 A simple match is all I ask
To see who hides under this mask
Is my ego guiding my choice?
Or do I want to know your voice? 
I’m judging you in a short glance 
If you’re not tall, you stand no chance
And your humour won’t compensate
Don’t like your shirt, I’ll stop our fate
I used to think true love was real 
Effort, feelings, part of the deal
I used to cry waiting for you
Now I just hide and app it through
Society, expectations 
Simply changing our relations
There is no wait, no risk, no love 
So we connect wearing a glove
No intellects, no words, no click
We’re just meeting, we need it quick
We don’t let fate find its own way
We provoke it and we betray 
And in this crowd amongst others
Does this fake life just works wonders?
In a setting where we could meet
People displayed to talk and greet
I’m at the bar, you don’t come up 
Starring at me, drinking your cup
Approaching me is just old school
You avoid it to play it cool
Did these new trends make us lazy?
From all I know we are lonely
Why do we hide behind a screen?
Are we just fearing to be seen?

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