One more candle

Drink, dance and start over, it’s my birthday like every year

New year new friends and new country, oh this rhythm just sounds like me

Would this freedom that I cherish, around my neck put on a leash? 

Can’t keep a boy too close for now, I’m far too young to say my vow

Discovering, apprehending in which country I’ll be living

I’m so frightened by commitment to a lover, a place or employment

Hoping to live my life fully this time again I will party

People gather to celebrate, until I’m drunk and can’t stand straight

I put this mask on one more day, when inside my world is gray

I’m just a fraud I’m so sorry, I need to plan, I’m not that free

When food I crave and loose control, I let it go and feed my soul

As I witness my life go by, when my errors just catch my eye

Family, friends I’m missing you, I feel lonely this time it’s true

Memories I keep building, but stability I am missing

Don’t get me wrong I love it here, but I know the end is near

And so my thoughts intensely fight, gin takes over for my delight

I lost control just this one time, I swear this year I will be fine

Put on a smile and be happy, you need more strength for this journey 

Let youth come in, open the door, don’t be so scared you’re twenty-four. 

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