Paris my dear

My Mother Land do you miss me? 
Sometimes I feel you don’t need me 
I keep these smells in memory, 
the taste of cakes in bain-marie
Delicate pose and glass of wine, 
delicate meal, so near divine
Smoking there is not a trend,
simply an act that we command
This devotion in people’s vein, 
for their country don’t take no strain
At this terrace with a coffee,
where everyone seems unhappy
Your majesty show me the Louvre, 
Palais Royal, army of blues 
Give me the key to your kingdom, 
so I can move at your rhythm
At the dawn when Paris’s calm, 
appear the streets of your realm
From the oven the bread is warm,
you have not yet ceased to charm.

Taste is no gem I can’t replace, 
need to stay far I need my space
Away from prides and conventions, 
away from lies and pretensions
This theatre of appearances 
where there’s no leeway for differences
And this engraved Revolution, 
making protest your daily pension
Be more lenient my dear country, 
cause your complaints won’t set you free
Everyone bows at your beauty, 
there is no place for your mépris
Just stand back and start watching, 
on different cultures you are missing
By the Seine they dream of you, 
this place where romance’s a virtue
And on your throne you're not above,
those that you judge you do not love
And so Paris tell me something, 
is there someone that I’m missing?

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