Loneliness and happiness 
both feelings fight, invade my space  
Voice in my head I can’t control 
and this devil conquers my soul
Esteem is gone and so are you,
a cure I’ll find I promise you
But when the darks trouble my calm,
I step away to this realm
This kingdom place where I feel fine, 
when all it takes is just a line
On these clouds far away I fly, 
I will be gone just this one time
When I land on Mother Earth, 
can’t see clearly what life is worth
Your forgiveness I will implore, 
for now this glass I will just pour
Such behavior I cannot stop, 
I say sipping the last clear drop
So I stumble and try to stand, 
need to fix this and take command
But now this voice I can detect, 
everything else I just neglect 
This hole I dig and food and crave, 
it’s a circle my death I pave
The fridge open while I get high, 
on sugar rush I learn to fly  
Heard you whisper in the corner,
I promise you I’ll get stronger
My baby boy come drive with me, 
no liquor left in my body 
Seat at the back and don’t be scared, 
mommy’s sober you will be spared
These traffic lights I didn't see, 
wouldn't hurt you my sweet baby
I am an addict and I love you, 
please forgive me if I killed you

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