Joy and smiles

You make me laugh, you make me blush, you’re much more than just a crush.

I can be yours if you wish to, can’t stay away if you ask to.

My love for you is how I pray. My time with you is why I stay.

You’ve healed me with your touch, reassured me as such.

When I receive a text from you, my smile is stuck that’s how I knew.

Disbelief and reluctance, you only give them a glance.

You want to open up my eyes, and try to guide me to be wise.

Through religion you see, things I do differently. I am just a novice, I need some practice. But you help me to be, the better person one can see.

You know how to make me smile, you’ve done it for a while. You love food so do I, the best ground to ally.

Critics and harsh words fly away with the birds. Only sweet melody comes out of your mouth heavily.

Your kindness and tenderness don’t even reach my chest. With generosity, you give to your enemy. Without looking back, you stay on the right track.

With competition you play, but only fair you stay. It’s more than just a game cause our story has no end.

I can picture a family, in a big house we’ll be. Children are running around, happiness rising out of the ground.

I just wish I could see the world through your eyes my baby. 

You replace fear with hope, try to give rights a scope. If you fight for your thoughts, you stay true to the pope.

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