A lost love

Day by day I fade away. I step away from my principles, step away from my education. Step away from what I think.

My smile hides everything, my emotions, my feelings.

I thought I could try, but I can’t become an obvious lie.

I do everything for you and I’m not sure you realise it too.

I’m not as close to my friends cause my love for you has no end.

I bend forward at your word, just follow your path cause you have a sword. Even if you don’t put it in, it gives you power for the time being.

I don’t intend to be mean, I just need to follow my dream. I can’t be at the end of your leash, I deserve to flourish.

I wish I could change but my inner fight I can’t exchange. I wanna shout, I wanna cry, I wanna express myself before I die.

Your friends admire you, most are hiding their love for you.

Starring at my grave, I’m waiting for your attention I crave. I should adjust you don’t care, should spend time with them it’s just a dare. I can see you when you’re free, once everything has happened before me.

I am scared of losing you so I just deal with it that’s how I do.

It’s a fancy world you’re living in, where money and party just join in. Spending loads on champagne, acceptable cause it’s for Jesus name. You can just fly away, passport in your hand, miles away.

Money is not a problem, it flows off your pocket for you to form your harem. Big gatherings, high-society girls, I just can’t compete in this world.

Just take a mirror, we need to call the interior designer. We don’t fit, we don’t click, you can’t nest a prince and a chick.

I’m carrying my cross, ironic isn’t it boss?

I just want to escape, take me away and I’ll pay. I don’t have the same wallet or don’t claim to be a prophet but I just need to be far so I can’t look back my German tsar.

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